Global Design Futures

107_285614Report available at:  Global Design Futures

A conflictual combination between nostalgia for a golden past and lust for a technological future, both driven by meaningful experiences, seems to outline the trends concerning the time to come.

In this report five selected fashion and lifestyle trends have been outlined in the attempt of translating the possible realities that will draw the future starting from the most innovative and promising realities of the present.

The area of interest for the five trends is strictly related with the design culture, as a result of the crucial issues that define the current world.

Each trend has been identified through a process of primary research, into design, based on a curated agenda of visits to the main design events happened in the first half of 2017.

The starting point has been the Milan Design Week, that provided a
strong general introduction to the main trends that will lead the future of design, confirmed later by several visits to design appointments in London, Amsterdam, and ultimately by a series of brainstorming session, deep interviews and secondary research constantly monitoring the most qualified online websites and publications.


Trend 1: Snailing

Trend 2: Craft Renaissance

Trend 3: Old is cool

Trend 4: Science Facshion

Trend 5: (SR) Shopping Reality




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