Swapp A0 Official

Caption: ‘Swapp’, project developed during Modual Workshop at Somerset House, London. Design and Digital Development by Francesca Luciano.

Swapp Video available at: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwOWULTtBWlhd1M0OTljV2dyRFU/view?usp=sharing

Modual, a workshop organised by UAL and lead by Professor of Interactive Digital Arts Fred Deakin, was a brilliant occasion to experiment design management from a different perspective, dealing with digital tools, creativity and diversity.

The ultimate goal was to develop a digital project working with people of different personalities and experience. The idea that we decided to develop was an app called  ‘Swapp’ that allows people to exchange their skills for fun, with a Tinder-like approach based on videos.

My team was composed by one middle-aged man with a background in finance, currently studying MA Fine Art, a 36 years old Indian girl with a background in marketing, currently studying Fashion Futures and an 18 years old Anglo-Spanish girl expert in video making. To say that it was a mixed group would be reductive.

It turned out I was the only proper designer of the group and at the same time the only design manager. As a result, I had to create the visual identity of the project, the interface of the app and simultaneously make sure that all the final deliverables for the MVP required were ready and appropriate, managing the group.

The two weeks have been stressful, hard and challenging but at the same time I am now extremely satisfied and surprised by the amount of things that I’ve learnt in such a short time.

The hardest part has probably been to take the courage of saying Yes and No for the most important decisions, especially in the ending part. Although I tried  always to see the big picture and not being distracted by the small details, this has been particularly difficult as I was also responsible of the creative part.

The most positive thing has been to develop a whole project in less than 10 days, learning how to prototype an app with Invision and communicating digitally through Fuze, Slack and via e-mail with people of different ages and styles.
Furthermore, a great plus was the fact of being at Somerset House, right close to the creative studios of Makerversity, a pioneering community of maker businesses.

Overall, it has been a stimulating and enriching creative experience that will surely help me for the improvement of my own practice.




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