Clerkenwell Design Week


Caption: Double Vision, Hakwood.

Clerkenwell Design Week: a wake-up-call for thirsty designers in London.

From the 23 to 25 of May a series of talks, installations and events were housed within seven exhibition spaces  for creatives to get inspired and wonder around exploring the best furniture, lightening and materials showrooms in the Clerkenwell and Farrington design districts.

The attempt was clearly to confirm once again London as the design capital; but the result was quite questionable, and definitely less successful than the official Design Week.

The opportunity to explore fancy and unusual spaces, as a former prison House of Detention hosting Platform, a Bang & Olufsen- branded Fabric or the Design Fields hub was without any doubt enjoyable, but the design itself shown in the showrooms suffered of a lack of originality and allure, resulting monotone and repetitive in concepts, colors and shapes.

It could be noticed that the peculiarity of this Design Week is illustrative of the city where it is held, London, where more than things or products the importance is into relations and experience.

As a result, the most relevant part of the event were, perhaps,  the night events and drinks that gathered all the creative Londoners for an occasion of amusement and networking, the driver of every business in the city, design included.

In the end, CDW was not a bad experience, but it is clear that it is only at the beginning and has a lot to learn from the main design weeks back in the continent or from its elder sister held in September.


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