London Craft Week

London Craft Week: behind the scenes of luxury.

Gathering together exceptional craftsmanship and uniqueness from around the world, London proved itself to be a global cultural crossroad where tradition and future continually establish a dialogue.

A cultural experience that embraced food, drinks and performance showcasing a mix of imagination, expertise, passion and creation for all kinds of objects from jewelry and ceramics to shoes underlined how still important is handmade tradition in the XXI century tech-based world.

‘People are spending more money on their homes than on clothes’- stated Jonathan Anderson in conversation with The Telegraph Luxury- ‘… we rely a lot on internet but we still want to have the interaction with beautiful objects’- he continued, while avoiding his obsession with ceramics and collections.

According to LOEWE’s Creative Director we are living a Renaissance and a modernized religion which is the reason that brings designers to take knowledge from the past and reinventing it, or just finding new ways of communicate it.

The opportunity of having Italian amaretti and coffee while watching at a Florentine artisan sewing the iconic Tod’s mocassini, is only an example of how a luxury brand allowed its clients to discover the history, hard work and dedication behind each handmade piece, through a unique experience.

Williams, R. (1981) first talked about tradition as ‘reproduction in action’, and no better example than the Tod’s event could represent this idea. The role of tradition consists into a selection of the most significant elements of the past that represents ‘a desired continuity’ and designers should be the ones that apply the selection into their brand’s archives and explore new ways of showing it, whether through a live event or through VR glasses.



Williams, R. (1981, p.187)Culture. Fontana Paperbacks.



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