Terrible People

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Terrible People available at: http://terrible-people.com/

Reviews: https://www.stackmagazines.com/art-design/terrible-people-magazine/

Project portfolio available at: http://cargocollective.com/orianep/TERRIBLE-PEOPLE-MAGAZINE

If you ever asked yourself  “Why do people do that?”, so do we… The project is a student magazine called Terrible People which aims at presenting the bad side of human beings in a funny way and with satirical point of view. The magazine features articles on politics, lifestyle, culture… and some photoshoots

Terrible People has been not only a creative exercise in order to produce a good design product, but also the occasion to put in practice the theories of promising collaboration, successful  team working and  effective project management.

Driven by the desire to learn and enhance valuable skills, I proposed myself as the project manager of the magazine. This allowed me to actively contribute to the project’s accomplishment, as well as to extend my expertise and improve your competences.

The total duration to accomplish the objective was approximately two months: starting from the 19th of January and ending on the 16th of March.

The method of working was based on the theories of project management (Clements, J.P. & Gido, J.,2012) as well as on the principals of favorable collaboration(Kaats,E. & Opheij, W., 2014); following the belief that group members act as facilitators, producing an intricate ‘codependency’ of several different necessities with the added value of multiple perspectives. (Brown, D., 2013, p.113)

The final result  in the end are 275 copies of a fresh, satirical and interesting magazine, Lithographic printed at the London College of Communication.

If you feel even just a little bit a terrible person, you should definitely get a copy!



Brown, D. (2013) Designing together : the collaboration and conflict management handbook for creative professionals. Berkeley, California: New Riders.

Clements, J.P. & Gido, J.(2012) Effective Project Management. SouthWestern College Publishing.

Kaats,E. & Opheij, W.(2014) Creating Conditions for Promising Collaborations: Alliances, Networks, Chains and Strategic Partnerships. Heidelberg: Spriner.


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