Hauser & Wirth Somerset


A deep breath of clean air: the smell of wet grass, the songs of the birds and green green green! These are the first brush strokes that Hauser & Wirth Somerset offers to its public.

The gallery is an exclusive creative hub as well as an insolite destination for enjoying art and the unique British landscape through original exhibitions.

It is almost a surreal place, an eclectic mix of chic countryside and contemporary art that makes this probably the most special of the 5 sisters galleries spread between US and Europe.

After a rapid enchanted look from the outside, just in the middle of the garden, the sight is caught by the magnetic Radić Pavilion designed by Chilean architect Smiljan Radić for the Serpentine Gallery 2014, installed outside of the gallery in 2015.

This is only one example of the several collaborations with architects and artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Roni Horn, Paul McCarthy and Roman Singer, that all contributed to make this gallery a world-class institution.

‘Hauser & Wirth’ was born in 1992 from the love story between the passion for art and collection of its founders Iwan and Manuela Wirth and Ursula Hauser. The first gallery opened in Zurich  with exhibitions showing Alexander Calder’s “ Mobiles and Gouaches” and Joan Mirò’s “ Sculptures and Paintings”.

25 years after, artists have changed but the spirit still remain and Hauser & Wirth is a must-see destination for experiencing art at 360°.


A curious fact?

The Farmhouse and outbuildings at Durslade were used during the filming of ‘Chocolat’ (2000), starring Johnny Depp, Juliette Binoche and Dame Judi Dench.



To bear in mind:

The on-site café and restaurant, the Roth Bar & Grill, designed by the son and grandson of artist Dieter Roth, gives a tremendously nice aura and a pleasant atmosphere to the whole gallery, with the kitchen in view showing the hectic cooks preparing delicious dishes close to the bar warmed by a sought-after soundtrack.



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