Teatro Delusio

Familie Flöz - Teatro Delusio

A theatre behind the scenes for Familie Flöz ‘s ‘Teatro Delusio’, an original play set in a theatre’s backstage with three actors embodying dozens of characters, communicating only with their bodies and physical gestures, but not a word.

The theatre in the theatre-show put into light the normally unseen dark side of the backstage, showing three stage technicians constantly changing their appearance and suddenly becoming the stars of the stage behind it, always wearing a different mask.

Hilarious sketches and accessible plot might be the first impression for a superficial critique, but behind the simplicity of each scene, a dramatic reality emerged: the fundamental paradox of the mask, at once compelling and challenging.

The three funny and humble characters separated from the shining stage only by a sparse, actually struggle for their own happiness and the act of changing always mask  brings  them to the point of mixing fiction and reality, confounding the mask’s role with their actual personality and gender.

Through a pleasant and sparkling comedy spectators are invited to think about what the true meaning of theatre is and eventually how poorly unreal the mask theme is in real life.


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