Caption: ‘In any business you have to differentiate between hiring someone and getting them to perform’ stated Jose Mourinho (BBC, 2016). Similarly to a football manager, A Good Design Manager should give his ‘players’ a sense of doing something for a greater good.

‘Intelligence or intellectual ability is positively related to leadership’

(Northouse, P.G, 2016, p.23)

Wyscout is a company founded in Italy in 2004 by Matteo Campodonico, that provides a scouting tool, match analysis and transfer dynamics through an online database. Campodonico started with one idea and despite having a solid economic background, he thought as a designer, identifying a lack in a market he was particularly into, and consequently providing an innovative solution. Campodonico, actual CEO of Wyscout, understood the need of a big archive, a ‘LinkedIn’ for football players, and he took the risk, leaving his safe job in a bank, of launching a brand-new platform from 0, that is now, twelve years after, the pioneer and leading company on the global football market.

A one-day internship for Italian football scouting company, has been a unique opportunity for analyzing a successful business as well as watching in practice the behavior and way of communicating of the leader of the technology-based global platform.
According to Northouse, P.G (2016, p.10), when leaders’ behavior is appreciated by followers and they are seen as a model they gain the power; the occasion of watching Campodonico at work, gave evidence of that.

The CEO of Wyscout appeared self-confident, determinate and approached stakeholders as well as employees with humility and friendly manners, acting in perfect accord to the ‘Big Five’ mentioned by Northouse, P.G (2016, p.26), which are: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, agreeableness and conscientiousness.

Even though football and design may not seem related, a cross-disciplinary design manager’s mind could certainly identify similarities as well as inspiration in terms of business and strategy from the football world.

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